It’s not just a piece of meat, it’s a labour of love
  • Sep 8, 2020
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  • Porken Deli

It’s not just a piece of meat, it’s a labour of love

Pork.. That beautiful meat.. It makes our world go round.. Not only is it simply delicious in all its

forms but it is also one of the most versatile proteins in the world. There are many cuts used in

our cooking but we have broken down the most cooked for your information (and also just to

tease you and make your mouth water). There are cuts for any form of cooking and for any

occasion. Be it a tender melt in your mouth cut or a crispy crackling, we have it all for you. Read

on but don’t day we didn’t warn you…


The pork shoulder or the lower ‘arm’ part of the animal is commonly used for roasting. This

portion of meat, when cut, contains the shoulder blade bone. It is a well marbled cut with a

nice mix of meat and fat which is perfect for a roast, stew, braised or even on a BBQ. The meat

is delicious and tender and can withstand slow cooking to give it that melt in the mouth texture.


This cut of meat comes from between the shoulder and the beginning of the leg. This meat is

also used for roasting but is best marinated well with a dry rub, rolled and tied for roasting. It

should not be mistaken for a tenderloin which is a different cut. This cut of meat is grilled or

roasted as it tends to fall apart if cooked for long.


The best cuts of meat for Ham is a leg. A Ham is well cured and often smoked or grilled post


Belly Pork

Belly Pork is exactly what it is.. it is a cut from the underside of the animal. The meat is

succulent and rich in flavour as it carries part fat and part meat. This cut is best slow cooked

and served in small portions due to its richness. It is served skin on to retain its moistness and


So, the next time you order from us, remember that a lot of thought has gone into which cut is

best for the dish you ordered. Because when we do Pork, we do it from the heart.