Marinating – The beauty at the heart of meat
  • Aug 10, 2020
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Marinating – The beauty at the heart of meat

My fav Option - Marinades – tantalizing your tastebuds

Making everyday food sparkle a little more is as simple as a marinade. Marinating not only softens meat but it makes tougher cuts tastier and lessens cooking time as well. It’s a simple blend of ingredients that work together to bring out the beauty of meat, making it juicier and adding that extra zing to an ordinary cut of meat.

Making your own marinades can be pretty simple but it is also pretty complex depending on the flavour profile you are after. A blend of salt, acid, seasoning and sugar is at the heart of any great marinade.

Here is the Tri-fold benefit of a good marinade:

Taste: Here is where you can get creative. Building flavour profiles starts here. Adding spices, sweeteners and herbs can take your meal to another level of awesome.

Texture: When you give meat some love (marination wise) that steak can just melt in your mouth and a grilled chicken breast can go from dry to juicy. Marinades tend to soften leaner meats that tend to go dry.

Tenderness: All kinds of love needs some TLC and here is T in Marinating. Enhancing flavours until your mouth cries out for more!

So, the next time you bite into that pork chop, black pork curry or a slice of pepper pork think about all the love it was given to make it that divine!