Our Purpose is 2 fold

  1. Enjoy: Our products are made to order, customized (spiciness, portion size etc.) and packed with accessories to make drinking@home and eating@home a pleasure. To make this possible we continuously strive to address 3 consumer insights.
    1. The taste of PorKen Deli helps set the stage for a fun filled session
    2. Our generous portion sizes ensure you don’t have to break your wallet by hosting family and friends, (no service charges, and other ancillary costs that we generally incur when eating out).
    3. Our packaging facilitates easy consumption along with convenient disposal and cleaning up after.
  2. Justice to Pork: Pork is one of the most under represented protein on any menu in Sri Lanka, PorKen Deli is keen on addressing this gap. Our Menu will be dominated with Pork Dishes however other dishes will also be available to ensure that non pork lovers will not be left out.